About Sheri

Hey there! Thanks for stopping by Hazel + Gold Designs!

sheriI never really know what to say as an introduction of myself. Here are 10 random facts about me.  (Beware that if you read this page you’ll know all of the extremely important details about my life and will probably be able to guess all of my passwords. Yikes! 😉)

  • I love power tools, plaid shirts, and sawdust. Also, chocolate. And peanut butter. Usually the latter two together.
  • I’ve moved more times than I care to count; I have counted 13 times since I got married 14.25 years ago.
  • I’m not young and not old, just perfectly in between. I’m married and have a bunch of little people that refer to me as “Mom” or “I hate you.” depending on the day…well, more accurately, on the hour. #parentingwin
  • My favorite TV show of all time is Firefly. If you don’t know it, go to Netflix now.
  • If you feed me anything with a chocolate and peanut butter combination, I will be your best friend forever. I’m choosy like that.
  • My favorite place to be is in my wood shop, with music cranked up, creating something.
  • I’m super introverted but not necessarily shy. Sometimes I’ll seem shy but it’s just because I’m having conversations with myself inside my head. Wait, that IS the definition of introvert, right? Right?!
  • I lived in the basement of a mortuary for a year. Don’t ask. Trust me, you don’t want to know…
  • I hate cooking. Like, hate it so much that if I didn’t have to eat to stay alive and feed those other people that live here so they stay alive, then I just wouldn’t. Except chocolate and peanut butter recipes.
  • I love names, especially family names, and that’s how Hazel + Gold came to fruition. My grandmother Hazel has been a huge influence on my life, and my late grandmother Golda passed away when I was 7 but I have only fond memories of her. I chose to name my shop after them because they both exemplified strength, love, power and perseverance. I have always looked up to and honored them.

Alright, that’s 10, assuming I counted correctly. Here’s two more: I have been crocheting for about 15 years, and woodworking for about 3 years.

Questions? I don’t blame you. What an odd duck I am! Feel free to ask anytime in comments or email. You guys are awesome and I’d be happy to try to assure you that I am at least slightly normal.

Now go create something, my friends!